Best Magento Extensions for Hustle-free Efficient e-Commerce Store

Best Magento Extensions for Hustle-free Efficient e-Commerce Store
Tired of the routine logistical issues of maintaining your online store? Here’s a list of the best Magento Extension that will help you run on autopilot while focusing on the main agenda of meeting customers’ expectations.

The numerous logistical issues involved in running an e-commerce store lead to plenty of inefficiencies. Things like SEO, platform security, and payment gateways to accounting always compete for your attention and resources. When summed up, these things could quickly move your attention away from the store's core purpose, serving customers. This article will summarise a list of the best Magento Extensions that will automate many of these logistical issues, thus freeing up your time and resources to focus only on customer satisfaction.

The Best Magento Extensions

The stock Magento platform is a powerful e-commerce platform. However, as a business, you must always strive to have the upper hand. Below are some of the most fantastic Magento Extensions that will turbo-boost the platform on various fronts:

Accounting & Finance

  1. Saasu Accounting – This extension tracks all your transactions and accounting data, including payrolls, inventory, and bank feeds.
  2. Tax Jar – It automates the process of calculating sales tax, reporting, and filing.
  3. Embedded ERP – Right from this extension's dashboard, you can easily do stocking, purchasing, and order preparation.
  4. OnesSaaS automates various accounting and finance functions, including inventory management, billing and invoicing, CRM, and email marketing.


  1. Magento 2 Instagram Connect – It embeds your Instagram posts right to your product’s page via a widget that can be displayed anywhere on the e-commerce site.
  2. Zoho CRM – This CRM tool segments data into various categories along the customer’s purchase journey, thus helping you craft highly targetted marketing campaigns.
  3. AdRoll – This advertisement platform can drive up sales by using high-performing campaigns and a user-friendly dashboard.
  4. MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate – Useful in changing meta tags, creating relevant URL structure, and generating XML sitemaps to SEO rankings.

Content & Customization

  1. Advanced Search – This tool arranges thousands of posts and product pages into an easy and fast structure to search through.
  2. Nosto – It enables you to showcase tailored product recommendations on your site. It can do that by processing in real-time vast volumes of data points across your store.
  3. Mageplaza Layered Navigation – A search tool that enables customers to filter products based on categories, price, colour, and even recency on the store. It also shows on-sale items and product ratings.
  4. Product Videos – This tool embeds videos from social media sites like YouTube and Vimeo into a page on your store. Thus, they can showcase product reviews of a product and help the customer make their decision quickly.
  5. Custom Stock Status by Amasty – This extension showcases just products currently in stock and helps the store owner establish the products presently low in stock.

Payment and Security

  1. Stripe Extension – enables payments through Stripe.
  2. Magento OneStepCheckout Extension – Fast-tracks the checkout process, thereby minimising the cart abandonment problem.
  3. PayTrace Payment Gateway – enables customers to make payments in US currency and use direct transaction methodology.
  4. Astra Security Suite – It guards against malware, spam comments, brute force attacks, SQLi, SEO spam, and XSS, among other threats.
  5. Fraud Prevention – On the Admin Panel, this extension displays and blocks fraudulent order placement.

Reporting and Analytics

  1. AheadWorks Advanced Reports – Monitors various sales and the store's overall performance with reports presented in visual charts and data tables for quick assessment.
  2. Magento Google Tag Manager Integration – Manages Adwords conversion tracking, remarketing, and other Google Analytics events with ease.
  3. Advanced Reports by Landofcoder – This extension collects data from various store activities, runs the analysis, and comes up with insight reports.
  4. Facebook Pixel – A must-have tool for optimised Facebook marketing.

Store Improvement and Optimization

  1. Magento 2 AMP Extention by Plumrocket – Saves you the hustle of coding AMP-codes to make the website mobile-friendly.
  2. Mageplaza SEO Extension – Gives you advanced features for automating e-commerce store maintenance, such as preventing duplicate content and editing SEO Metadata template rules, among others.
  3. Slider Revolution Responsive Magento Extension – Build responsive web pages with good navigations via drag and drop sliders.
  4. SMTP Email Configuration for Magento 2 – Enables users to send secure emails via a range of encrypted mail transfer protocols.
  5. Magento City and Region Manager – Enables store owners to add states, cities, and towns for all countries worldwide. The locations are then presented in a dropdown list in the address forms on the site.

Best Free Magento Extensions for Store Owners

  1. PowerSync Quickbook Accounting Extension – It imports the functionalities of QuickBook. Thus enabling you to easily track spending, create invoices, payrolls, and reports for revenues and expenses.
  2. Magento 2 Social Login – Enables new users to quickly sign up for new accounts using their social media accounts.
  3. Magento Braintree Payments – It adds multiple payment gateways to your store.
  4. Image Optimizer for Magento 2 – Optimizes the image sizes on your website for a quick webpage loading, thus creating a responsive browsing experience.
  5. Magento 2 Advanced Reports – Gives you extensive statistical data collected from customers. This data arms you with the insights to manage your business properly.

PS: Before getting your Magento 2 Extensions

The list above is quite exhaustive, but hardly anyone will need everything on here. First, you need to create a list of all the functionalities you want for your store to start on the right path. This list will be your compass in directing you to pick just the right Magento 2 extensions you need. It also guides you in establishing the budget.

You must also ensure all the extensions in your list are supported by the Magento version you are currently using. Additionally, it must have an active community of developers currently working on it and ready to provide support. Stay away from extensions with bad reviews and those from unreliable sources. On that front, always go for extensions developed by Magento certified developers or their partners.

If, after reading the above, you still feel managing your online store is still much of a hustle. We have already demonstrated above that we know our craft, so you will be in the safest hands delegating the task to us. Contact us today, and spare your bandwidth for other tasks.

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